Downloading a user certificate from the authentication system

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Information Technology Team > Downloading a user certificate from the authentication system


1 Downloading a user certificate


  • This step is required only for initial access (not required for subsequent access). Two choices are displayed. Click the available choice.
    • Upon renewal of an expired user certificate, both choices are available. Click the newer one.


  • Click [Download user certificate] to download a certificate file. Then, two choices are displayed. Click the available choice or the newer one if both choices are available.
    • Download a user certificate. A CA certificate is used by the authentication system to validate user certificates and needs not be downloaded except in special circumstances.


  • The password required for certificate installation is the same as the one used for logging into the authentication system.

2 Changing a password

  • Click [Change password] to arbitrarily change the password.


  • The new password takes effect as soon as a new certificate is issued/downloaded.
  • When clicking [Issue user certificate] or [Download user certificate] after changing the password, you are prompted to reissue a certificate. Reissue it as instructed.


  • Certificate reissuance immediately invalidates the old certificate. Reinstall the new certificate on the device with the old certificate installed.
  • If you have forgotten your password and asked the administrator to change the password, the above reissuance process must be completed.