How to use Webex Events

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1 Roles

Webex Events has the following roles.

They can start / end a event and assign users to “Presenter” or “Panelist.”
They can share the contents and mute / unmute themselves.
They can answer Q&As from participants and mute / unmute themselves.
Video images of the participants will not be shown (the participants’ camera will be turned off completely), and they cannot unmute themselves unless the host does.
Also, since it is assumed that participants of the event do not know each other, chatting is not possible between the participants.
The participants can only chat with the host, the panelists and the presenter. The Q&A is the only platform on which participants can view other participants’ messages.

2 Screen composition

3 Sign in

Same as Webex Meetings, see How_to_use_Webex_Meetings#Sign_in.