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** [[Connection to Wi-Fi]]
** [[Connection to Wi-Fi]]
** [[VPN connection service]]
** [[VPN connection service]]
** [[SSL-VPN connection service]]
** <span color=gray>[[SSL-VPN connection service]]</span>
*** [[Comparison of VPN and SSL-VPN connection services]]
** [[File transfer service]]
** [[File transfer service]]
** [[Host management system]]
** [[Host management system]]

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  • Oct 13, 2015: We added the Windows 10 and Office 2016 ( for Windows and for Mac) to Microsoft EES license download page for the university-owned PC.
  • Aug 19, 2015: When you upgrade to Windows 10, please uninstall System Center Endpoint Protection in advance.
  • Plese subscribe School of Science YouTube channel

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2 Introduction

3 Information for users

4 School of Science network

5 About the Information Technology Team

The Information Technology Team at the School of Science, the University of Tokyo, conducts the following tasks for IT systems (networks, websites, etc.) owned by the School of Science.

  • Managing the IT infrastructure, including network administration, security enforcement, and server management
  • Providing e-learning services, including compilation of lectures and creation of academic/guidance videos -> e-learning services(Japanese)
  • Supporting public relations activities, including website management, content creation, e-publishing, webcasting, and event organization
  • Taking charge of audio-visual equipment in the Koshiba Hall, the Auditorium in the Chemistry Bldg., etc. -> e-learning services(Japanese)
  • Providing user assistance (help desk, etc.) and support for Department/Facility IT systems
  • Developing and implementing information security policies

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