Wi-Fi setup for Mac OS X

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1 Certificate installation

  • Double-click the certificate file.
  • Enter the authentication system login password in the “Password” field.


2 Connection to Wi-Fi network

  • When the screen saying “Any networks that have been used cannot be found” appears, select “sos” from the list and click [Join].


  • If the above screen does not appear, click the Wi-Fi icon in the menu bar and select “sos”.


  • Set the mode to “EAP-TLS” (this setting changes the subsequent setting items).


  • Click the ID and select the installed certificate.
  • Leave the “Username” field blank and click [Join].
    • If authentication has failed, enter the account name (10-digit Universal ID for an individual user certificate or “sos-guest” for a guest certificate) in the “Username” field.


  • When the message “Do you want to allow access to this item?” appears, click [Always Allow].


  • When the “Verify Certificate” screen appears, click [Show Certificate]. Select the “Always trust "The University of Tokyo School of Science CA-server"” checkbox and click [Continue].


  • Enter the password for the PC’s administrator account.


3 Setup for older versions