How to use Webex Events

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1 Roles

Webex Events has the following roles.

You can start / end a event and assign users to “Presenter” or “Panelist.”
They can share the contents and mute / unmute themselves.
They can answer Q&As from participants and mute / unmute themselves.
Video images of the participants will not be shown (the participants’ camera will be turned off completely), and they cannot unmute themselves unless the host does.
Also, since it is assumed that participants of the event do not know each other, chatting is not possible between the participants.
The participants can only chat with the host, the panelists and the presenter. The Q&A is the only platform on which participants can view other participants’ messages.

2 Screen composition

Webex events entryview numbering en.png

There are buttons at the bottom of the screen. This screen is what it looks like for the host; Participants have fewer buttons. Move the mouse over the button to display the name. We will explain each icon from left to right.

(1) Mute / Unmute
You'll see Unmute when your microphone is muted. Press the button to unmute.
Participants cannot unmute themselves.
(2) Start / Stop your video
You'll see Start video when your video is turned off. Click Start video when you want to show your video.
(3) Share content
Only presenters can share contents. This is a function for sharing screens and sharing materials with other participants.
(4) Record
You can record your meeting.
You can save it to the cloud (on the Webex server) or your computer, but sometimes it does not allow you to save it to your computer, depending on the setting.
(5) Reactions
(6) More options
There are other settings here. You can make settings such as stopping anyone else from joining the event, playing a sound when a participant enters the room, or have participants enter on mute.
The poll feature cannot be performed in a browser, and requires a desktop application.
(7) End event
Leave the event.
(8) Participants
(9) Chat
Pressing the chat button will bring up a chat window where you can send a message to everyone or a specific person. Participants can only chat with the host, presenters and panelists.
(10) Panel options
Pressing the button to display Notes window or Polls window.

3 Sign in

Same as Webex Meetings, see How_to_use_Webex_Meetings#Sign_in.