Wi-Fi setup for iPad

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1 Certificate installation

  • After a certificate download from the authentication system, the following screen appears. Tap [Install].


  • When the “Unsigned Profile” dialog appears, tap [Install Now].


  • Enter the authentication system login password and tap [Next].


  • Tap [Done].


2 Connection to Wi-Fi network

  • Choose [Wi-Fi] in the “Settings” pane. In the “Choose a Network …” field, tap [Other…].


  • In the “Enter network information” screen, enter “sos” in the “Name” field.
  • Tap the “Security” field and select “WPA2 Enterprise”. Tap [Other Network] to return to the previous screen.

IPad06.png IPad07.png

  • Selecting “WPA2 Enterprise” adds setting items to the “Enter network information” screen.
  • Tap [Mode] and select “EAP-TLS”.
  • Tap [Other Network] to return to the previous screen. The “Password” field has changed to the “ID” field.

IPad08.png IPad09.png

  • Tap [ID] and select the installed certificate. Tap [Other Network] to return to the previous screen.

IPad10.png IPad11.png

  • Leave the “Username” field blank and tap [Join].
    • If authentication has failed, enter the account name (10-digit Universal ID for an individual user certificate or “sos-guest” for a guest certificate) in the “Username” field.


  • When the certificate is displayed, tap [Accept].