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The Wi-Fi connection service (sos) will be discontinued at the end of 2022. Please continue to use UTokyo-WiFi, which is a university-wide service.

1 Precautions

The School of Science network is intended for educational and research purposes. Use the network properly by observing the following rules.

  • Use secure OS/software.
  • Install antivirus software.
  • Do not use P2P software.

For details, see the page Using the network.

To gain access to the Wi-Fi network, complete the following steps in order.

2 Obtaining a School of Science account

Wi-Fi access requires a School of Science account. For each account, an account information sheet containing the user ID and initial password is available. Student accounts are created upon admission/advancement; each student should receive the sheet from the departmental administration office. Faculty and researcher accounts should be requested through the relevant Department/Facility subnet administrator.

For details, see the page School of Science account.

For Department/Facility subnet administrators, see the page Network administrators (Japanese) (internal access only).

3 Downloading and installing a user certificate

Wi-Fi authentication is based on the client certificate, not password. Use the School of Science account to download a client certificate and install it on the device to be connected to the Wi-Fi network. Please download the client certificate from the user menu of the School of Science account according to the operation procedure on the following page.

For client certificate installation on a device, also see the page School of Science account.

4 Device management

Devices accessing the School of Science network must be properly managed. For the registration of devices managed by the Departments/Facilities, contact the relevant Department/Facility subnet administrator.

For details, see the page Host management system.

5 Device setup

Configure the device for Wi-Fi access as follows.

  • ESSID: sos
  • Security: WPA2 (WPA2 Enterprise)
  • Encryption: AES
  • Authentication protocol: EAP-TLS

Setup examples for different OS types are available on the pages below.

6 Wi-Fi network for users other than School of Science

6.1 UTokyo WiFi

UTokyo WiFi is an campus wireless network service for university members. To use UTokyo WiFi, you may have UTokyo Account to issue UTokyo WiFi account. Please refer user guidelines for suitable UTokyo WiFi use.

For details, see the following guide.

6.2 eduroam

"eduroam" is an international guest Wi-Fi service that can be used at universities and research institutes. You can use eduroam in the University of Tokyo, where you have your eduroam account of your institute. For information to get an eduroam account for users of the University of Tokyo (in order to connect to eduroam at other universities etc.), please refer to the following page.

6.3 UTokyo Guest

UTokyo Guest is a guest Wi-Fi service in trial. You can use UTokyo Guest in the University of Tokyo campus including the building of School of Science,

  • ESSID: UTokyo-Guest
  • Authentication: Web authentication
  • Registration: You can register you account using you mobile phone (both domestic and international roaming)

When connecting to the "UTokyo-Guest" Wi-Fi and launch the web browser, the authentication page will be displayed. You can register your account using your mobile phone as described on the authentication page.

7 About our Wi-Fi network facilities

All School of Science buildings on the Hongo Campus are covered by a Wi-Fi network. The Wi-Fi network is a VLAN with IEEE 802.1X (EAP-TLS) authentication. The subnet for the relevant Department/laboratory can be accessed directly from anywhere on the network. Since the security type is WPA2 Enterprise, network access requires a user certificate. The ESSID for the School of Science Wi-Fi network is “sos” (School of Science); the network supports both the 2.4 GHz band (11 bgn) and the 5 GHz band (an).

7.1 Locations with network access

  • Bldg. 1 (West and Center Wings)
  • Old Bldg. 1
  • Bldg. 2
  • Bldg. 3
  • Bldg. 4
  • Bldg. 7 (Only 6F and 7F)
  • Chemistry Bldgs (East, Main, and West Chemistry Bldgs)
  • RI Laboratory
  • Institute of Astronomy (Main and Laboratory Bldgs)
  • Center for Nuclear Study, Wako Branch
  • Koishikawa Botanical Garden (Only the Garden’s subnet is available.)
  • Misaki Marine Biological Station (Research Bldg., Dormitory, and Memorial Bldg.) (Only the Station’s subnet is available.)