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Radiation Course in English

You can download course materials by following the links listed below.

<< Zoom connection information >>

The coming radiation education session is scheduled on-line via Zoom on:
Friday 26th November, 15:00―16:30 (or 3:00 pm -- 4:30 pm). (Mind the 30-min-earlier starting time!)
Please access the following URL address on time.

Meeting ID: 858 9542 9714 Pass code: 314971

You should read in advance the instructions in "Preparation of Participation” which can be found below. If you have questions, please first ask the Laboratory Radiation Manager in your laboratory: i.e. your professor(s) or one of the staff members in you lab in charge of radiation-related matters.

Foreign researchers and students not fluent in Japanese are requested to take the SOS (School of Science) Radiation education course in English. If your schedule does not allow it, please ask the Laboratory Radiation Manager in your laboratory to contact the Radiation Management Office for possible on-demand education as an alternative by watching a video.

Preparation of Participation

  • No need of pre-registration, but you should download the course material PDFs just beforehand, as well as an Attendance Sheet. (The latest version of the file will be uploaded by the day of the session.)

Check of Attendance

  • Attendance will be checked by submission of your Attendance Sheet.
The details of how to submit it will be explained during the session.
  • Enter the Zoom with your real name, so that we can check your attendance by checking the access list on the Zoom system. The best would be to use your UTokyo account (xxxxxxxxxx@utac.u-tokyo.ac.jp) for Zoom. You can also connect to Zoom using another account or without signing in to Zoom, but in any case, please make sure that your name can be easily confirmed. (Don’t use unrecognizable nicknames.)
  • Some quizzes are asked during the session.
You are requested to write the answers in your Attendance Sheet.
(So don’t be sleeping!)

<< Documents for the Radiation Course >>

<< Slides for the Radiation Course >>

<< Attendance Sheet must be submitted after the course >>
You should access Google Form for the Attendance Sheet.
The URL (access information) will be shown online during the session.